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Aryanation by Tony Aguado-Charneco

Order of the New & pandeza, the last INFLUEMIA


“Tony Aguado has just published his novel in English Aryanation with Ediciones Gaviota. The novel is an apocalyptic one as it delves in a Pandemic of Influenza brought about by Neo-Nazis forces through genetic engineering. Some participants from Puerto Rico go to Dallas for an International Robotics Competition, it is there that the threat of the malady emerges; in a consolation trip to the theme parks in Orlando, in Florida, the three families and the disaster meet head on; from that point it’s touch and go situations that drag the dwindling group across the swamps. Opposing the Neo-Nazis there is an organization from the past which had been lurking underground, the warrior monks, or… Knights Templar”.

Available at the following links:
 Ediciones Gaviota and Norberto Gonzalez Library


ANTONIO AGUADO-CHARNECO, the writer of Aryanation, stems from the coastal city of Arecibo in Puerto Rico; nowadays he is a nomad, sharing time between the mountain town of Jayuya and the Metropolitan Area. He has published three collections of short stories and three novels, the most recent LuzAzul (2011) by Isla Negra Editores; the one before, Anacagüita (2006), was published by EDUPR (University of Puerto Rico Press).
Antonio has garnered various awards in literary contests, several among others: three Honorary Mentions in essay at the Ateneo, two Second Prizes in short story at CEPI & UNESCO, First Place in novel at the Floral Games of San Germán (2000). Aryanation, his fourth novel, is his first one written in English to be published; the author also has another novel in English, titled Bulls of Twilight, unpublished so far. Medio mundo, a work delving around the antics of a family from Canary Island, is under consideration by EDICIONES GAVIOTA.
They were three average families from Puerto Rico that had qualified for a trip to Dallas, to take part in an international robotics competition. But for the element of excitement, by the participants, life was normal... or so it seemed.
Due to the team's high placing in the finals the parents awarded them a visit to Florida's Disney world, a detour in the return trip to their homeland. Life was a lovely adventure for the six parents and their half dozen offspring ... All of a sudden, in the midst of the four thousand acres in the biggest fun attraction on earth, life went topsy-turvy. Circumstances drastically changed and life was no more usual... it became far, very far away, from that; the tentacles of a world encompassing menace threatened to engulf the globe ...and it caught them up at Disney, the capital of wholesome entertainment.

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